The Solar Garden is an educational initiative designed to promote awareness and use of green energy sources and environmental technologies (CleanTech) amongst the Israeli public. We aim to influence the development of a leading green energy industry in Israel through education and exposure of environmental technologies.


Conveniently situated on a main thoroughfare in Binyamina, The Solar Garden is much more accessible than a remote farm. Our central location allows for our facility, which is full of displays and demonstrations of green technology, to be seen by hundreds of passersby on a daily basis. The structures we maintain, however, are only the tip of the iceberg. The household we run in conjunction with the visitor center, operates with the intentionality we profess; to tread lightly on the earth, and make use of what already exists before consuming unnecessary resources. A mere ten minute walk from the train station makes The Solar Garden a worthwhile visit even on the busiest of days.


To expose the public to green energy and energy saving technologies in order to:

  1. Encourage youth to pursue higher education in these areas and research in the field
  2. Boost demand for the use of these technologies
  3. Connect clients to companies supplying the technologies
  4. Expose potential investors to Israeli development and technological solutions


  1. Visitor Center: We offer guided tours of the entire facility including a short film and interactive displays. Our tours are led by knowledgeable and passionate instructors, and are suitable for all age groups.
  2. Education: Through workshops and seminars that are held both on site and in the location of your choice, we spread knowledge and techniques in disciplines such as permaculture, green building, organic gardening, and more.
  3. Website: Our webpage serves as the international portal for exposure of the latest happenings at The Solar Garden.

Founded in August of 2009, The Solar Garden is an idealistic project, whose goal is to draw the awareness of the Israeli public to the necessity of a change in the Israeli energy structure. In collaboration with over fifty Israeli companies and organizations, The Solar Garden actively exposes visitors to our current environmental plight: humans are consuming too much energy, wasting water, throwing away too many reusable items, and not treating our Earth with respect. Here at The Solar Garden, spreading the above information is not enough for us. We help the public take a proactive stance on improving our natural surroundings today. We do this through our green energy and energy saving technological displays which are accessible on both personal and national levels.