Aquaponic Systems

Aquaponic Fish Systems at The Solar Garden

We have two aquaponic fish systems in place, donated by LivinGreen.  The aquaponic fish system displays an alternative method of farming using fish and water.  The water from the fish tank is circulated into a tray of volcanic rock in which vegetables are planted.  The amount of plants corresponds with the amount of fish in the water basin.  One of our aquaponic fish systems acts as an educational demonstration to show the function and design.  The second aquaponic fish display is at the entrance to the ecological house.  An attractive fish pond sits at the entrance with plants growing along the border at our front stoop.  The third, and largest aquaponic fish system is currently being built by The Solar Garden Crew and is being made from 100% reused, recycled, and found materials.

Benefits of an Aquaponic System

Using an aquaponic fish system has many benefits.  In addition to the freedom of growing your own vegetables, your plants will grow twice as fast because they are constantly getting nutrients from the fish waste circulated to them via the fish tank. Also, 80% less water is used, since the same water is used through the entire grow cycle; only 20% is lost to evaporation.

Aquaponic systems are both versatile and affordable.  The system can be designed with a small indoor fish tank to fit in an apartment or as big as a huge fish pool outside, which is connected to a large garden with hundreds of plants.  We are excited to offer these systems to be designed and sold through The Solar Garden.