The Green Wall

What is The Green Wall Project?

 The Green Wall Project provides an environmental hands-on activity for entire schools and communities.
A unique community project in which children and adults of all ages engage in a joint effort to construct
a vertical green wall of plants, flowers, and herbs.  

This is what The Green Wall Day looks like:
(watch the video 3.30 minutes - over 2.3M views!)

How we build The Green Wall

Stage I - Preparing the Bottle Planters

Participants are paired up for the task of preparing the bottles for the planting process.

Stage II - Planting

The bottle-planters are then connected to the wall, filled with soil-mix and planted.

Stage III - Connecting the Watering System

A dripping irrigation system is prepared and put into place, managed by a computerized timer.

Welcome to The Green Wall Community

The Green Wall stands out as a beautiful monument which symbolizes our ability, as a community, to drive environmental change.

"The key to building a better

future, starts with you."

Foster a sense of belonging

By actively improving their immediate environment, participants of The Green Wall Project develop a sense of belonging,  nurtured by the feeling of pride at having their personal creation displayed as a magnificent monument. These sensations encourage responsible and more sensitive environmental behavior.


Work Together as a Team

With the Green Wall Project, children and adults of all ages work together as a team.
By building together in a combined community effort, participants realize their ability to accomplish great things and create a real change in their immediate environment.
Small actions - BIG CHANGE

Upgrade Your Skills

By presenting a simple yet smart product built from used materials, The Green Wall teaches people to view waste as a valuable resource. This change in thinking will play a key role in creating a new consumption paradigm, in which consumers choose better quality, longer lasting and re-usable products.

Reuse Plastic Bottles

By RE-USING plastic bottles, The Green Wall Project diverts plastic from entering the waste cycle. Less waste means less usage of valuable resources in the recycling process (transportation, water and energy) and less disposal in landfills.

Conserve Energy

The Green Wall is a great way to save energy, creating an incredibly useful INSULATING barrier. This feature is used to moderate building temperatures, preventing the sun from heating the walls in the summer, and decreasing the heat loss of the building in the cold winter.

Improve Air Quality

Shrubs and herbs planted in The Green Wall supply fresh oxygen to the air we all breath. In addition, the plants act as a biological filter, taking in carbon dioxide during the day and absorbing dust and other harmful particles from the immediately surrounding atmosphere.

Join The Green Wall Community

With well over 100 installations in its first 3 years, The rapidly expanding Green Wall Project continues to plant important values into the hearts and minds of thousands, actively creating sustainability awareness everywhere.