The Solar Cubes


Walking in to the center, your eyes go directly to the large cube displays that line the walkway to the ecological house. The creation of The Solar Garden was first inspired by the massive attention that was received from the cube installations built by Gagot and Hipuyim, LTD. The cubes, designed by architect Dr. Yossi Cori, are an ideological art project to show people how simple it is to harness solar energy. The idea behind the cube is similar to Earth. Earth has a limited amount of resources. By installing solar panels, we can use the sun to bring in outside resources instead of using the limited resources available. The cube is symbolizing the earth as a closed box of resources. Adding a solar panel allows us to bring in the electricity resource from outside the cube.


Each cube has a solar panel, donated by Greentops LTD. attached on the outside which is connected to a small battery bank, donated by Volta LTD.   The sun rays hit the panels and generate electricity to charge the battery bank. At night when the battery is full, the LED lamp inside the cube is turned on and emits a beautiful display of rotating colors that light up the cube.   An LED lamp uses less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent lights and therefore is a great alternative to use.  The LED lamps we use were donated by Nes LED Lighting, LTD.


Solar electricity systems have very low maintenance and are better for the environment than fossil fuels. The solar cube installations are on an off-grid solar system with deep cycle batteries. An off-grid solar system allows you to generate electricity from the sun and store it in your own battery bank without having to be tied into the electricity grid. Deep Cycle batteries are more productive than starter batteries because they are able to be discharged more and therefore are able to use more of their capacity. The benefits of off-grid systems include energy independence and a more positive environmental impact. These types of systems are especially important for locations that aren’t able to be tied to the grid or for people that are interested in having there own source of electricity.