Waterless Toilet

Solar Garden Waterless Toilet

The Solar Garden uses a composting toilet; an effective way of handling human waste without using water or a sewage system.

Why is a Waterless Toilet Important?

  • Saving water -Water is a precious resource here in Israel, and there is no need to use it  in the treatment of human excrement Repeated use of a traditional toilet that flushes with water takes away water that could be used for drinking. This alternative sanitation system helps ensure that our supply of drinking water does not deplete.
  • Dramatically Reduces the load on the main sewage system and purification systems.
  • Changing waste into a useful product– dry biological services through feces and urine of drying process using solar heat decay. The process leaves behind an organic material that is an excellent fertilizer for all things agricultural.

How Does It Work?

Waterless Toilets can be installed in a yard outside or inside a house or building, as long as it’s attached to the ground. The facility includes a toilet bowl similar to a regular one, but rather then sending waste to the sewage system, waste accumulated in an underground tank that separates solids from liquids. Solar heat vaporizes the liquid through the chimney, and the solids dry up and disintegrate. The structure is simple and easy to install, and best of all, uses no water or chemicals. Since the process all takes place underground, flies and other pests cannot get to it, and it smells completely clean. The minimal monthly maintenance necessary for a waterless toilet makes it a superb alternative to a regular flushing toilet that depletes our drinking water supply.