A Visit to The Solar Garden

By: Elana Cohen

On Thursday, November 25, 2010, a group of 5th graders from the Amirim School in Binyamina came to visit the Solar Garden. This was the first time that local students, from a school in our very own backyard in Binyamina, came to visit the Solar Garden, and not just to observe, but to get their hands dirty and work with us!

Together with their instructors the students surveyed the garden by paving walkways from recycled broken marble pieces, planted natural herbs and prepared the area for future projects.

We want to thank the fifth grade class of Amirim for coming with such energy and enthusiasm and for spreading beautiful smiles and laughter throughout the garden.

We at the Solar Garden believe and hope that this trip gave you a new perspective to your education, and that you begin to make the changes in your community to become more invested in, involved with, and in harmony with the nature that surrounds us.

The Solar Garden welcomes student groups for tours, programming, and to learn about renewable energy and environmental living.

The video is in Hebrew, but you can still get the vibe…

2 comments on “A Visit to The Solar Garden”

  1. Sonia Triana Reply

    Wow! I’m very impressed by your organization and by how you are getting school aged kids to learn and participate in improving the environments they live in, school, home & communities.

    I’m excited to read & follow your additional posting and useful knowledge.

    And, I would like to do a similar garden wall project using plastic bottles at my middle school in California.

    Thank you for creating and spreading these messages to everyone, but especially to very young students, who will remember what they learned forever and make changes to help our world take better care of our amazing earth.


    Sonia Triana
    Garden Grove, CA

  2. shweta Aggarwal Reply

    Dear Solar Garden,
    I am so impressed with your attitude and actions. We are so wasteful in our daily life and if only we could think and make that little effort in re- organising our lives to achieve sustainability!

    I am an Indian mother, living in New Delhi.
    I would love to incorporate changes in our children’s school that promote sustainability.

    We plan to carry out the recycling plastic bottle to make a green wall in our school.

    kindly guide us as to how we can absorb these lovely ideas in our educational system!

    please share your thoughts,

    Shweta Aggarwal
    Nehru Enclave,
    New Delhi – 19

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