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What is a Geodesic Dome?

A Geodesic Dome is a unique highly stable ecological structure.

So efficient, its built of much less materials than a conventional building, forming a
strong, earthquake resistant structure, which is
aerodynamic so it can withstand hurricane winds of even 320 km/h, and is
energy efficient do to having less surface area, effective air circulation and optimal solar gain.

Energy Efficient

A sphere is nature’s most efficient shape covering the largest space with 30 percent less surface area than a cube or rectangular shaped structure. This feature allows less heat exchange with its surroundings, thus saving energy while heating and cooling the interior.

Smart = Affordable

Less surface area equals less building materials and rapid construction time, making the Geodesic Dome more affordable than any structure on the market!


Geodesic Domes are built of triangles.
This ultra strong shape creates an even distribution of weight, efficiently distributing stress along the entire structure making the Geodesic Dome resistant to earthquakes and extreme weather events.


How to chose a Geodesic Dome model?

The key element which determines the dome structural strength is the number of triangles in the model configuration.

Higher V models comprise more rods, thereby creating more triangles, greater structural strength and a more circular shape. 

Need help choosing your Geodesic Dome Medel?

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S T A R T - N O W


The open floor plan allows you to insert or remove walls almost anywhere.

A dome is structurally independent of interior framing.

Natural openings that occur within the construction of the dome allow for large openings and windows to the outside, letting light in throughout.

Geodesic Domes survive earthquakes

When all other structures fail.